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Looking for an e-commerce startup?

Want to make that a hassle-free experience?

If your answer to both of the above questions is YES! then you have landed on the right page.

Shopping Simplify is making entrepreneurs (who are into online stores) work like a boss.

By owning a smart, interactive and user-friendly shopping cart, you not only become more productive and more efficient in selling your products, but your customers also thank you for it.

This is what Shopping Simplify is all about.

Here is a list of features that are packed inside Shopping Simplify

Multi Language Support

Is your native language different from English? Don't worry. We've got you covered. Shopping Simplify comes with multi language support. We're certain that your language is included in it.

Multi-Currency Support

Do you want to transact in other currency rather than USD, EUR, GBP? Don't fret. We have you covered here as well. We have included international currencies from almost every major country. Aside from that, we have also integrated cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) that your customers can use to shop online from your store. Now, isn't that a little bit awesome?

Super Responsive

Nothing is as bad as surfing a website that is unresponsive to mobile layout. Fortunately, this problem doesn't come latched with Shopping Simplify. We have made sure that our e-commerce application is bundled with smart algorithms that keep your website responsive on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops as well.

Versatility on Goods

With Shopping Simplify, you not only have the opportunity to sell physical goods, but you can also sell downloadable (digital) products. Now, that's a bargain that you can't just resist.

Fully Hosted ? Guaranteed!

You don't want a web-based solution that has a bad uptime (and can't stay online 24/7). We don't want it either. This is why, we guarantee a fully hosted solution that stays online forever.

Social Sharing Support

Do you sell awesome products that your customers will surely share with their social circle? Well then, having a social sharing feature is a must-have! And Shopping Simplify has it as well.

Google Analytics

Don't just sell stuff! Analyze it, and keep an eye out on your customer behaviors. Learn from it, and improve your game at selling your products. This is what Google Analytics is all about. You can do the same with Shopping Simplify since it comes bundled with Google Analytics.

Email Verification

Want to verify whether your buyer is a legitimate person? With Shopping Simplify, you can. We have included a third-party service that allows you to send email verifications to the buyers.

Discount Coupon Generator

Who doesn't love discounts or sales on a product that they had wish-listed? Everybody does, and online stores take benefit from it. You can too! With our discount coupon generator, you can create discounts and share those coupons with your registered users or on social media, etc.

Daily Deals

Make sure that your visitor buys from you. With our daily deals feature, you can promote best-selling or featured products on daily deals page, and skyrocket your conversion rates!

SMS Integration

Keep your customers engaged with products, promotions, invoices and more with our SMS integration feature that comes packed with Shopping Simplify. What else do you want now?

Payment Processors Included

Of course, an online store is empty without having an integrated payment solution. With Shopping Simply, you get access to 15+ pre-installed payment processors like PayPal, Payza, CoinPayments (for cryptocurrency), PayUMoney, Authorize, 2CO and more.

So, what're you waiting for?
Get Shopping Simplify and Make Your Online Business, Smart and Easy to Manage.